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Good day Folks

I started Slimming Meals in 2004.  It began as an effort to alleviate my stress after coming home from a long day at work and having to cook dinner!  I started making meals for myself over weekends and freezing them.  After awhile I thought, “I’m sure other people would love this too!” And so, Slimming Meals was born.

There are 3 different types of meals I make. First and foremost, there are the Slimming Meals.  They are packed with veggies, only lean cuts of meat,  low in carbohydrates and very little fat, in fact, less than a teaspoon of sunflower oil per meal.  The meals are balanced.  The formula is 2 protein serves, 2 complex carbs, 2-3 veggie serves and 1 fat serve per meal.  These meals are perfect for anyone who wants to watch what they eat and follow a more healthy lifestyle.

The second type of meal I make, is the carb free range. These meals are strictly meat and veg meals.  No sauces, no pasta, no rice, no potato.  There are many people who like to cut out carbs altogether, so I try to cater for them too.  You will find the carb free meals on the order form just below the Slimming Meals.  The smoked pork carb free meal does contain sweet potato as this is allowed on banting.

The third type of meal that I make, is the ordinary meals (“Sally’s Kitchen” range). These meals have very little veg in.  Only meat and carbs.  I use a little onion, some peppers, mushrooms for example, but the main body of the meal, is the meat and rice, pasta.  These meals are for people that don’t like veggies and are not interested in Slimming Meals or carb free meals.  They are on the order form just below the carb free meals.

All meals are sold frozen. I cook in bulk, cool the meals down as rapidly as possible and then freeze them.  They can last up to six months in a chest freezer or up to three months in a fridge/freezer.  However most of my clients order for the month or a few weeks at a time.  Each meal weighs around half a kg/500g.  I use microwavable foil containers which can also be used in the oven if you don’t like a microwave!  One meal per adult or two kids under 8 can share a meal.

How much? R51.70 per meal, down to R40.95 per meal for bulk.  Please see pricing structure on our price list. (The excel based order form will add up everything for you.)  You are more than welcome to pay for bulk orders up front and take the meals weekly in order to benefit from the deduced costing, however no refunds can be considered afterwards, so please make sure you are happy before doing so, thank you for understanding.  I have a number of folks that do this, simply because they do not have space  in their freezers to take 50+ meals at a time.

How to order? You can either phone through an order or fax or email.  My favourite way is if you fill in the order form and mail it to me, thanks!  The order form is on this website and easy to download.  Please remember to save as and re-attach to an email to sally@slimmingmeals.com.

Note for vegetarians:  I do only a few vegetarian meals.  Please note that the “V” used on the order form is just to point out the meals which do not contain red meat or chicken.  I do understand that you get different kinds of vegetarians.  Please read what type of meal it is carefully before ordering if you are not entirely sure if you are one of the following for example:

Pescatarian – Eats no flesh other than fish and seafood
Lacto- ovo vegetarian – eats no flesh of any kind but will eat eggs and dairy products
Lacto-vegetarian- eats no flesh or eggs but will eat dairy
Ovo- vegetarian – eats no flesh but will eat eggs
Vegan – eats no flesh, nor any other animal products

Delivery/collection: You are welcome to collect or we can deliver.  There is a delivery fee.  (It is not per meal, but per delivery.)  Please see order form for delivery fees or ask sally@slimmingmeals.comMin order for delivery is 20 meals, but if you are further than Wynberg from Tableview or Paarl, Stellenbosch etc, the min is 30 meals.  All deliveries are only done on Monday and Thursday mornings only between 9:00am and 12:30pm.  An exact time of delivery cannot be given.  If you are receiving a delivery at your office, please make sure you take a cooler box to work with a small towel.  No ice bricks are needed.  (Currently due to covid, deliveries are being on Saturday mornings which the few exceptions that we can manage during the week, we plan it as we go along, so don’t worry, you will get your order!)

Lead time: 1 to 7 days, depending on what I have in stock and need to make to fill your order.  Sometimes I am able to supply the same day or the next day, but other times it takes a few days depending on how busy I am/time of the month, etc.

Payment: Payment: Cash or EFT (internet banking) – EFT preferred.  All orders need to be paid upon confirmation of receipt of order.  Please remember that some banks take 1 – 3 days to transfer the funds.  I need to use the funds to buy ingredients and cannot carry the cost of large orders without receiving payment upfront.  Please send proof of payment either via email to sally@slimmingmeals.com or fax to 086 654 4915.  NO CHQ’S ACCEPTED.  Kindly add R50 cash deposit fee if paying cash for amounts above R1500.

Standard Bank Bayside; Name of Acc:  Slimming Meals; Type of acc:  Chq acc; Acc. No: 27 222 6734; Branch code:  022209  (Please note that proof of payment must come directly from the bank.)

Operating times for Slimming meals: Email is always welcome!  Collection times for meals:  Mutually agreeable time.  Currently deliveries are being done mostly on a Saturday morning, but arrangements are also being made for during the week. To be discussed upon receipt and acceptance of order.

Suggested heating instructions for meals: Best way is to let the meal/s defrost naturally, scoop the food onto a plate and simply heat up in the microwave for 5 to 7 min.  OR:  Microwavable container – From frozen: Heat on high for about 8-10 min with lid off, then let the meal/s stand for awhile and then tip onto plate (don’t cover), spread & heat for + 5 min more & enjoy! (Heating times are a guide only.)  Or defrost naturally and simply heat up on plate, stirring occasionally and this is best.  The less time in the microwave, the better.