At Slimming Meals Made Easy, we offer you a variety of 3 different meal categories to choose from!

Slimming Meals

(Image – Roast Beef with Cheesy Veg)

These meals are packed with veggies, and contain only lean cuts of meat,  low in carbohydrates and very little fat (less than a teaspoon of sunflower oil per meal)

The meals are balanced.  The formula is 2 protein serves, 2 complex carbs, 2-3 veggie serves and 1 fat serve per meal.  These meals are perfect for anyone who wants to watch what they eat and follow a more healthy lifestyle.

Carb Free Meals

(Image – Carb Free Steak & Veg)

These meals are strictly meat and veg meals.  They contain no sauces, no pasta, no rice and no potatoes. There are many people who like to cut out carbs altogether, so I try to cater for them too.  You will find the carb free meals on the order form just below the Slimming Meals. 

(The smoked pork carb free meal does contain sweet potato as this is allowed on banting.)

Prego Steak with Basmati Rice & Butternut

Sally’s Kitchen

(Image – Prego Steak with Basmati Rice & Sweet Butternut)

All of the meals in the Sally’s Kitchen Meals range are regular meals.

These meals contain very little vegetables, and consist of mostly meat and carbs.  I like to enhance these meals by using a little onion, some peppers and mushrooms for example, but the main body of the meal, is the meat, rice or pasta. 

These meals are for people that don’t really enjoy too many veggies and are not interested in Slimming Meals or carb free meals.  You will find the options for ordering Sally’s Kitchen Meals on the order form situated just below the carb free meals.

All meals are sold frozen.  All meals are cooked in bulk, and then cooled rapidly before being frozen.  These meals can last up to six months in a chest freezer or up to three months in a fridge/freezer. Most clients order for the months up front or even place orders to last a few weeks at a time. Each meal weighs approximately 500g (half a kilogram).  Meals are placed in microwavable foil containers, but they are suitable for oven heating as well. One meal per adult or two kids under 8 can share a meal.

How much will I pay for a meal?

A meal can cost anywhere from R70.00, down to R55.50 per meal for bulk purchases. 

Please refer to the pricing structure on our price list.  (The excel based order form will add up everything for you.)  You are more than welcome to pay for bulk orders up front and take the meals weekly in order to benefit from the deduced costing, however no refunds can be considered afterwards, so please make sure you are happy before doing so. Opting for this arrangement is perfect for those who do not have ample space in their fridges / freezers and still wish to benefit from the deduced costing bulk buying.

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