We work on a sliding scale pricing structure.
For every 5 meals you take, the costing per meal comes down a bit.

Sally’s Kitchen (2) meals are a flat rate of R67.30 per meal.

Carb free meals start at R70.00 and go as low as R62.80 per meal.                

Slimming meals and Sally Kitchen (1) meals start at R70.00 and go as low as R55.50 per meal for bulk.                      

The categories are marked on the order form for your convenience.
Examples below: (prices below are the price per meal)

Meals 1 – 5R70.00
Meals 6 – 10R69.00
Meals 11 – 15R67.60
Meals 16 – 20R66.90
Meals 21 – 25R64.80
Meals 26 – 30R64.20
Meals 31 – 35R62.80 (carb free cut off)
Meals 36 – 40R61.80
Meals 41 – 45R61.00
Meals 46 – 50R60.00
Meals 51 – 55R59.00
Meals 56 – 60R58.20
Meals 61 and upR55.50

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